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It doesn't matter how you have lived your life until this moment. All that matters is what your dreams are. The only moment is NOW. Change happens in an instant once you have made a decision to go for it. You're probably feeling that your life is OK and yet you have a yearning for something else. Perhaps there is a dream you have always wanted to pursue or an area of your life that is not right yet. That's where our life coaching courses using NLP can help. Our mission is to inspire you to create new choices for your future. To encourage you via NLP life coaching to take a chance and do something different. If you are coached by us we guarantee your life will never be the same again. We run a range of NLP training courses such as our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes for those of you who want to get a formal qualification or shorter personal empowerment coaching programmes such as Change Your Life with NLP and Re-Vitalise Your Life.


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About Us

Lindsey Agness

Lindsey AgnessLindsey Agness is the founder and managing director of The Change Corporation. Lindsey is one of the UK’s top people developers and motivational experts. She trains and coaches using NLP on an international basis and she is an award winning author. Prior, to setting up her own company in Canterbury, Kent, Lindsey worked as a change management consultant, corporate trainer and coach for PricewaterhouseCoopers. It was at this time that Lindsey attended her first NLP course and discovered that life would never be the same again! She has been able to use her skills to build capability and capacity to change in large private and public organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the US. Individuals are inspired by her to transform their performance and change their lives. She will do whatever it takes to work with you to get the result you want.

Lindsey realised her own dream when she founded The Change Corporation to assist individuals and organisations to achieve their true potential. This may be by themselves through achieving their own dreams or at the helm of a large organisation. She has personally experienced what it is like to move through fear and doubt to achieve her dreams.

Lindsey is a certified trainer of NLP through the American Board of NLP. She trained with Tad James in the US and David Shephard in the UK. She is now studying to become one of a small global group of Master Trainers of NLP, the highest qualification in the field. In addition, she is a qualified Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy™, certified by the TLT™ Association and Trainer of Hynotherapy, certified through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Her first book ‘Change Your Life with NLP’ (inter-active link) is published by Pearsons.



Caroline Lancaster


Caroline Lancaster was appointed,in September 2005, as the Office Manager. Caroline runs the office on a day to day basis and takes care of the registration of all our participants. Prior to joining The Change Corporation, Caroline worked as a Civilian Officer for 20 years in the Metropolitan Police Service. She left having attained the level of middle manager in order to look after her three children. She really enjoys working with Lindsey helping to build the company and hearing about the successes of our participants.

Caroline is a certified as a Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

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